Saturday, July 29, 2006


I am sorry to have to post this; it seems that no one updated the blog for me while I was away on vacation. Waikiki was great, but having to return to this?

The task of updating the blog on a daily (and, preferably, hourly) basis has belonged to two graduate students who are interning here for the summer. Tanya and Jenna have narrowly escaped termination on the promise that they will pick up this blogging thing in days to come. Their excuse for not blogging, not once, in my absence, is that (and this is a direct quote) "It's, like, hard to come up with things. Giggle Giggle Giggle."

The good news: Tanya and Jenna will help with the blog starting today.

The bad news: Tanya and Jenna are the best America has to offer in the way of future scientists.

Have I mentioned that Waikiki was great?

I will never forget the view from my hammock, between the two lone palm trees on that white sandy beach... the wind slightly caressing the skin, the feel of a cold Corona in my right hand... and nothing but clear sapphire-blue waters as far as the eye could see. To my left, a scantily clad woman. To my right, another scantily clad woman.

And later that evening, when I gave them what they wanted.... a ride in the submarine. Helping them down inside, their bronze skin glistening, and then climbing in on top of them (the sub is designed for two people), awkwardly groping...for this or that control. Cruising around Mamala Bay, in shark infested waters, pointing and making funny faces as the sharks swam by, because we knew they wanted to, but couldn't, eat us.

Ah, yes...

Stay tuned for: updates from Tanya and Jenna.